Close Interval Surveys

In the world of Cathodic Protection and pipeline integrity, Close Interval Surveys (CIS) stand out as a critical technique for ensuring the longevity and safety of metallic structures. QualCorr is a top company that has conducted numerous CIPS surveys in the US and other locations. These surveys have demonstrated the company’s expertise and commitment to infrastructure maintenance.

What is a Close Interval Survey?

A Close Interval Survey, or CIS, is a detailed examination method used in the Cathodic Protection industry. To check if a metal structure, like pipes or tanks, is protected, you need to measure it regularly in different places. This technique is crucial for ensuring the effective operation of Cathodic Protection systems.

The core aspects of a Close Interval Survey include:

  • Potential Level Profiling: QualCorr employs CIS to create a comprehensive profile of potential levels along a metallic structure. This profile is pivotal in evaluating the effectiveness of Cathodic Protection systems.
  • ‘On’ and Instantaneous ‘Off’ Potentials: The survey captures both ‘On’ potentials (with Cathodic Protection current applied) and instantaneous ‘Off’ potentials (immediately after interrupting the Cathodic Protection current). This dual measurement approach offers a more nuanced understanding of the structure’s protective status.
  • Interference Identification: CIS is also instrumental in identifying areas where external electrical interference might be affecting the Cathodic Protection system.

Additional Services in Close Interval Surveys by QualCorr

Apart from the standard CIS procedures, QualCorr extends its services to encompass additional vital aspects:

  • Sub-meter Centerline Locating: Precise location tracking of the pipeline or structure is essential for accurate data interpretation and subsequent maintenance actions.
  • Depth-of-Cover Measurement: Understanding the burial depth of pipelines contributes to assessing their vulnerability to external factors and planning maintenance or protection strategies.
  • Condition Assessment & Identification: QualCorr uses CIS data to evaluate the overall condition of the structure, helping in identifying areas requiring urgent attention or repair.
  • Installation of Marking Devices: Marking critical areas along the pipeline route aids in future inspections, maintenance activities, and public safety measures.

Close Interval Surveys by QualCorr are more than just a routine check. They are a cornerstone in safeguarding the integrity and longevity of critical metallic infrastructures. QualCorr is a trustworthy partner in Cathodic Protection and pipeline integrity, using advanced technology and expertise. For any organization looking to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their metallic structures, engaging with QualCorr’s Close Interval Survey services is a step towards peace of mind and operational excellence. Contact us today!

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