Case Studies

Boman Kemp

QualCorr Engineering – Experts in Corrosion Analysis and Prevention – Boman Kemp Area Wells

QualCorr Engineering analyzed premature corrosion of area wells installed in Utah and Colorado. Despite completion of a suitable design and utilizing quality materials, seemingly random area wells were experiencing very high corrosion rates. QualCorr Engineering field analysis discovered that the area wells were made electrically continuous with the reinforcing bar via the metallic anchoring hardware. National Electrical Code Article 250 requires that all rebar (electrodes) are properly grounded. Contact with grounded rebar will create a corrosion cell between the rebar and area wells where the soil acts as an electrolyte.

After the study was completed, Boman Kemp, a company that has been producing galvanized area wells for over 50 years recommended that the installers follow recommendations from QualCorr Enginering and have no longer experienced this problem.